Dynamo processes in the Sun and other stars are the primary sources of solar-stellar magnetism and activity. They are the origin of solar and stellar variability and space weather affecting habitability and life on planets.

The primary goal of the interdisciplinary focus meeting is to discuss advances in observations and modeling of solar and stellar magnetic field generation and transport across the H-R diagram. The discussion includes historical and modern observations, observational constraints on dynamo theories, recent attempts to understand and predict magnetic activity cycles on the Sun and stars, current observational and theoretical challenges, and future developments and collaborations.

The primary focus is to explore and promote the synergy between observational and theoretical studies of the complicated turbulent dynamical processes in the solar and stellar interiors, which lead to the generation of local and global magnetic fields and their surface manifestation patterns.

The Focus Meeting provides a platform for bringing together solar and stellar astronomers, observers, and modelers to assess the status of the field, recent advances, and challenges, discuss interdisciplinary connections, as well as
future directions for solving the fundamental, long-standing problem of
astrophysics of the origin of the solar and stellar magnetism.